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Plexiglas Print ter Wadding

Plexiglas Print ter Wadding

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These prints are durable and provide a touch of refinement in every room. They are light, fracture -resistant and temperature resistant. That is why you can easily attach them to the wall. The print is made of high -quality materials and can preserve their lively colors and bright details for years.


  • The crystal clear Plexiglas prints are approximately 4 mm thick (15 in) and have straight -cut corners for a sleek and modern finish.
  • The transparent background is not supported. The background color is white when no color information is provided. This ensures that the images are shown as well as possible, with lively colors and beautiful details.
  • We supply a suspension set with screws for simple installation. There is a screw hole in each corner, regardless of the size of the print. The center of the hole is approximately 14 mm (55 in) of each edge. The diameter of the screw hole is 8 mm (31 in), and the diameter of the head of the screw is 15 mm (6 in).
  • It is printed and sent to order. No minimum orders.
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