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Ticket service for Voorschoten and surroundings

Now facilitate the purchase of admission tickets for your event, so that your guests can participate effortlessly. We present a high -quality system with which visitors can acquire tickets in a simple way. The choice is up to you whether you physically check and take the cards at the door or quickly scan through your mobile phone.

However, by using our system, you not only experience the convenience, but you also immediately reap the benefits of our extensive range. In addition to being available on, your event is also prominently exhibited in the Facebook shop, Instagram Shop and Google Shop, where tickets are directly available through our system. And last but not least, via the website, admission tickets with only a few mouse clicks can be purchased immediately. So in addition to comfort, you also enjoy maximum visibility with your event.

Our admission tickets (PDF) are completely tailor -made in line with the style of the event, and offer the possibility to present your sponsors on this.

The proceeds from the admission tickets will be paid directly to your account within 2-3 business days after purchase. The modest reservation costs that we request from your guests must be covered to cover the transaction costs.

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