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Sustainability at Voorschoten Online




Let's look at the many benefits of not keeping articles in our webshop in stock, and why this is a sustainable and responsible choice. At Voorschoten Online we always have sustainability of paramount importance. We understand that our customers attach more and more importance to reducing the ecological impact of their purchases.

That is why we have chosen not to keep items in stock. This means that we reduce the need for large -scale storage and distribution. As a result, we use less energy and we reduce greenhouse gas emissions that are generated by transport and storage.

Not keeping items in stock also helps to prevent overproduction. One of the largest environmental problems in the retail trade. By only producing articles after they have been ordered, we avoid waste of raw materials and energy.

Our dedication to sustainability does not stop in the production process. We produce all articles within the EU to keep the distances for transport from production up to the end customer as small as possible. This not only affects CO2 emissions, but it also means shorter delivery times for our customers.

Some may wonder if this sustainable approach will increase prices. The good news is that we have found that it hardly matters to the price, but it does make a world of difference for our planet.

We understand that speed of delivery is important for our customers, and we strive to deliver all orders within 5 to 7 working days. Although this may seem a little longer than some other stores, we want to emphasize that this waiting time is justified.

At Voorschoten.online we strongly believe in the power of sustainability and responsible entrepreneurship. By only producing articles after ordering, we reduce the ecological footprint of our webshop and we contribute to a cleaner, greener world. All this is also the reason that we have never had the needs to release a physical newspaper, and only share messages with you online.

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